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VitalScan Plus
Wrist Monitor

Upper Arm Monitor
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ExactFit Plus
Upper Arm Monitor
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VitalScan Plus


ExactFit Plus

  Convenient & Easy-to-Use Precise & Reliable Advanced Diagnostics &
Extra-Comfort Cuff
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Measurement Site  Wrist Upper Arm Upper Arm
Cuff Circumference 5"-8" Wrist Circumference 9"-17" Arm Circumference 9"-17" Arm Circumference
Doctor's Measurement Site
Large Digital Display
Clinically Proven Accurate 
Independently validated to
international standards
Systolic, Diastolic & Pulse
Number of measurements
stored with date and time
90 48 99
Low Battery Indicator
to ensure accurate
measurement every time
One-Button Operation
Averaging Function
for improved blood
pressure control
Average of last 3 measurements Average of last 7 days' measurements Advanced Averaging: Morning, Evening, and Full-Day Averages
Detects Irregular Heartbeat 
This symbol will appear to
indicate a certain heartbeat
irregularity was detected
Detects Morning Hypertension 
An important indicator of
increased risk of stroke
5-Year Warranty
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