Blood Pressure Monitors

Free BP tracker

  This free Braun BP tracker will help you track your blood pressure readings with ease. Simply save and print this electronic form to share with your healthcare professional, or e-mail your results with the click of a button. The ‘Notes’ section is helpful to record medications and/or to rate stress levels on a given day.


How to use the Braun BP tracker:

  1. Download the Braun BP tracker file, which is an Adobe Acrobat Reader document (PDF). If you do not have the free Adobe Acrobat software, you can download it here.
  2. Fill out your information.
    1. Fill out your name the first time you use the BP tracker.
    2. Enter the date and time of measurement (mm/dd for date and hh:mm am/pm for time)
    3. Enter your systolic, diastolic and pulse measurement, as well as any important notes about medications, diet or stress level.
  3. Save your document every time you enter new information by selecting ‘Save’ under the ‘File’ menu.

Other helpful tips:
By using the buttons at the bottom of the second page, you can:

  • Make a separate copy of your records using ‘Save As’
  • Attach your BP tracker to an ‘e-mail’
  • ‘Print’ your results
  • ‘Clear All’ the information entered if you want to start over
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